The Summer that Started it All…

Samuel And The Magic Tree tells the adventures of a grandmother and her two little grandchildren during their daily walks to the wonderful Majestic View Nature Center in the town of Arvada, Colorado. This sprawling “park” offers nature trails, wetland areas, and prairie ecosystems to explore. Only blocks away from the children’s home, it was a gift of discovery. Their little journeys ultimately offered opportunities for exploration, imagination, and very special moments of sharing and laughter.

Yes, that Grandmother was me. I feel blessed that I spent such focused time with my grandchildren. Honestly, I could never have predicted how unique and wonderful our days together would be. The backdrop of nature provided a bounty of opportunities to not only learn about our surroundings but to create a special bond. We sang, made up stories, and shared feelings. Of course, time with grandchildren is precious but I was surprisingly overwhelmed by the love that our time together created. I became their friend, their protector. I watched them grow, I listened, and I shared my life stories. And together we created our own laughter and discoveries, uniquely woven as their personalities and our connection deepened and grew. 

I originally created this book as a Christmas gift for the children…trying to capture and hold onto the adventures we shared. I took so many photos and thought it would be unique and fun to let these pictures further capture and preserve the memories.

Soon, inevitably, the little ones got older and went off to preschool. I moved back to California. I kept a copy of the gift book and every time I would read it, I found great love and recollection in such a happy, sweet, and treasured time. My heart would burst with love, and yes, sometimes there were tears. Happy, nostalgic, grateful tears.

My friends noticed and encouraged me to publish this story. Not only for my grandchildren but in honor of that special bond that ALL grandparents and grandchildren have; it is uniquely relationship-defining. The Magic Tree is indeed a metaphor for generations.  It is a symbol of legacy.

So I took the leap. This journey towards publication had its challenges and questions. But throughout the process, I always knew it had to be. With that unquestioned, undeniable determination, I am proud and pleased with this little book. I thank you for reading it. I hope it will inspire your personal, unique stories and come to honor all grandparents and their special grandchildren!


Denise Webster

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